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Rural Network is a local Adelaide-based company developing solutions in environmental and industrial monitoring using both the Internet of Things (IoT) and LoRaWAN technology.


Focus your time and skills on what you do best; growing or making great products. Let our field sensors and technologies help you to make sense of your environment, so you can achieve better quality product, increase your productivity, lower your input costs, and conserve precious water and soil resources.


Make decisions for your business with ease, based on real-life, real-time and factual data. Let our field sensors and technologies provide you with insights, so you can easily analyse and interpret data to improve efficiencies, create automation solutions, and exchange big data.


Improve the economic, social and environmental life of your local communities. and regions. Let our field sensors and technologies capture and monitor insightful data, so you can solve problems, create genuine efficiencies, reduce infrastructure costs, and monitor important community assets such as roads, bridges, pipes, and facilities.


Learn how to DIY your own technologies through our tailored events and workshops. We will equip you with the relevant knowledge to apply these technologies in your own environments. Get involved in Citizen Science, and STE(A)M learning opportunities.

generating unique data captured directly from the environment

Sense your environment

We provide you with field sensors and technologies to help you understand and make sense of your environmental conditions. You can generate unique data about the soil conditions and climate changes on your farm, whilst communities can track public usage of facilities and infrastructure.

create insightful data

We consult and collaborate with you to ensure a tailored system is created to capture and monitor insightful data specific to your environment and business. Rural Network helps create insightful data that allows you to; understand your environment, gain efficiencies, assist with industry audits and compliance, and make decisions based on real life evidence.

Visualise your growth

We help you visualise your results and growth by ensuring your data is accessible to you, and easy to analyse and interpret by creating customised dashboards to display and store your captured data. Rural Network utilises the IoT (Internet of Things), open source software, and cloud networks to connect technologies to your environments.

Open data for all

We believe that data should be open, owned by you and not lock you in. Being open is our ethos; we focus on creating transparent data ownership, flexible access to your data, reducing your risk management, sharing knowledge, and collaborations across industries.

enabling insight, efficiency, innovation and growth

who we are

Our three Adelaide-based cofounders have years of experience in developing IoT sensors, electronics and code and have industry-specific experience across AgriTech, energy, industrial engineering, electronics, oil & gas and IT.

Rural Network aren’t a telco and we aren’t just a product reseller. We are an IoT solutions provider focused on applying LoRaWAN technology to proactively solve our customers’ data challenges.

We manage an expert support network of electronics hardware engineers, software engineers, data scientists and industrial designers, and maintain strong links to both local and overseas manufacturing capacity and supply chains. Through this network,  we can rapidly and cost-competitively source parts and produce prototypes.

how we can help

Rural Network are rolling out wireless LoRaWAN network coverage across regional SA and Victoria to support our business activities with clients and end users.

We own and operate our own segment of the rapidly-growing public LoRaWAN network and have developed an innovative remote monitoring platform. This means that when you buy a gateway and sensor kit from us, you can be sure that your region is also being actively monitored for any faults or outages.

In addition to offering a wide range of LoRaWAN sensors from our curated vendor list, we are investing in R&D to design our own sensors for use in bespoke client solutions. Because we develop the sensors in-house, we know every component and every line of code, so can confidently advise on what is possible, should an off-the-shelf solution not be available.

What we offer

Rural Network are involved right across the LoRaWAN value chain, from network installations and management, to sensor selection, design and deployment, through to data management, web dashboards and analytics.

network installation

  • LoRaWAN gateway sales, support and remote monitoring services.
  • LoRaWAN gateway antenna mast kits, with our engineered, concrete-less base and 9m, 12m and 15m mast height options.
  • Complete off-grid solutions, including solar-battery power and LTE (4G) or wireless backhaul.

sensor sales

  • A wide range of high-quality devices off the shelf from our vendors.
  • Rural Network’s custom LoRa nodes, for a tailored solution to your unique business challenges.

data management

  • Web and mobile-friendly data dashboards allow users to quickly visualise their fleet of sensors, receive real-time alerts, and control devices and equipment from anywhere in the world.
  • Through the interactive, no-code user portal, customers can: customise dashboard visuals and layout through our simple drag and drop platform; configure email and SMS alerts, based on sensor data (e.g. sudden pressure drop); configure actions based on sensor data (e.g. switch off pump when levels reach tank tops), and; set up periodic reporting and data exports as excel-friendly .csv files.
  • Per-device dashboard plans have flexible pricing, linked to the period of data retention. Custom cloud databases and private LoRaWAN network servers are also available upon request.
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