WiFi dishes

If your tower gateway is installed with line of sight to your home , internet connection can be established with WiFi dishes installed on the tower and on your house.…

Data sim

If your gateway installation has no ethernet or WiFi connectivity options and a 4G signal is available , we can provide a gateway with SIM capability.

Power over ethernet

If you cannot get power to your gateway, power can be provided over the ethernet cable. Pack includes POE unit for installation next to your ethernet cable source (wall outlet…
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Roof mount

If existing antenna or pole is not available, this pack includes 3 metre roof mount pole.

Remote solar – wifi add-on

This pack is an add-on to the telescopic tower connectivity pack and adds the components to allow this gateway and WiFi to be powered 24/7 from the sun.

Wired connectivity pack

This pack is the most economical way to get started in LoRaWAN IoT network rollout and typically attached to roof of your house. Gateway requires ethernet cable and 240V and…

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