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Agricultural collaborations facilitated by The Things Network

The Things Network is a collaborative effort of like-minded individuals and communities working together for a common goal – to enable low cost, open access to high quality, real-time data.

The principle of collaboration returns ...

Before rapid advances in technology started to not only simplify, but rule our daily lives, personal and business success relied on people in  local communities sharing their ideas, thoughts, knowledge and understandings.

This was certainly the case in farming communities. However, these ingenious farmers who fixed their own machinery and manually performed farm functions, are now largely ‘customers’ of big corporations on their mobile phones, using alien technologies to direct farming decision making processes. This development has served to disempower farmers and to make them dependent on corporations and technologies, rather than people, for their success.

Opensensing works with The Things Network to enable farmers to take back control of farming decision making processes by facilitating access to low cost, high quality, real-time data. 

Some very successful applications already running on The Things Network are Cattle Tracking and Smart Irrigation.

Together, we are once again fostering the principle of collaboration, so that wisdom and expertise can be shared for the benefit of all.

Contact opensensing to discover how this exciting initiative can contribute to your business success.

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